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Innovation is all about blending technology and people. Our goal is to foster a culture of continuous change to enable people to recognize and adopt new ideas. Continuous innovation while challenging the status quo, results in client success. In the retail market, TI Group believes that the key to driving impulse is to maximize the impact at the “First Moment of Truth” by integrating a unique blend of conventional POP (print) alongside 3D and new technology elements. TI Group is developing a market leadership role on this front by providing our leading clients solutions that deliver results and that make sense financially (ROI).

Learn How
  • Customer facing applications
  • Web-to-Print, multi-touch campaigns
  • Integrating LED, electronics and other materials into displays
  • Fixturing and 3D elements
  • New materials and product development
  • Prototyping – market testing concepts before production

Quality Focus

TI Group is committed to meeting and exceeding our customer’s needs through a Quality Assurance Plan designed, documented and executed as an integral part of the company’s commitment to quality. Our continuing success in the marketplace is determined by how our customers perceive our products and services in relation to their expectations and to what our competitors can offer.

View Focus
  • Align all applications within our Quality Management System
  • Implement G7 Certification across all applications
  • Dedicated resources to focus continuous improvement
  • In-house application experts
  • Team approach to ensure total ownership
  • Review standards on a quarterly basis